Article Number: HGBS 20035 CD

Description: These three full-blooded musicians have a vibrant musical sound full of blues and soul, sometimes including old favorites, but always with a refreshing new emotionality that gets under your skin. Virtuoso pianist Uli Lenz, the sought-after bassist Gerhard “Kubi” Kubach and expressive drummer Zam Johnson make up the trio 105!

Uli Lenz doesn’t have to play too fast or strong to be heard: his artful craft is based on subtlety and emphasis, delightful trills to blazing rhythms. At times using his instrument sparingly, only with one hand, followed by an explosion of sound powered by the full body.  This compliments the hypnotic bass lines of “Kubi” Kubach which sensitively meshes with American drummer Zam Johnson.

The mix of standards as “Cherokee” and “Over The Rainbow” intersperse with original compositions by Uli Lenz, so that “Thinking of You” is a mature and varied recording, providing true listening pleasure. Lenz, Kubach and Johnson are all integral parts of the European jazz scene, and have again and again served as musical ambassadors of Jazz around the world. Recorded 2013 in Berlin.

(Written from descriptions on the HGBS Studios webpage.)

Price: 17,50 €


1. Dar es salam
2. Amampondo
3. Thinking About You
4. Favela
5. Cherokee
6. I Thought About You
7. Venus
8. Triste
9. Korean Maze
10. How Insensitive
11. Moonshiner’s Delight
12. Over the Rainbow
13. Mr. Sandman


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